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Across the Creek: Black Powder Explosions on the Brandywine

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Written by Hagley Guide Dick Templeton, learn for the first time the hidden histories of the workers who lost their lives making gunpowder for the du Pont Company.

Read about the explosions that killed

  • The powder maker who had not seen his family for years and who died the day before they arrived in America
  • The man who worked “in the powder” for nearly half the 120 years the mills were in operation
  • The rich man’s son
  • The fathers AND the husbands of two women
  • The war hero who came home only to lose his life in the last explosion on the Brandywine

The descendants of the powder workers and family members killed in explosions live on and thrive into the 21st century. They carry the genes of strong, capable, hard-working, loyal Irish and Italian men and women who are all remembered in this book.