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American Gardens 1890-1930

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Presenting period photographs of gardens and garden buildings of prominent estates, American Gardens evokes the pastoral lives of America's rich, including Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, John D. Rockefeller, Isabella Stewart Gardener, and R. J. Reynolds.

In the hands of the period's greatest practitioners, Marian Coffin, Beatrix Jones Farrand, and Rose Standish Nichols, and their male counterparts, Charles Platt, Frederick Law Olmsted and his sons, the house and garden became a harmonious whole in which the concept of the landscape as an exterior room first emerged.

Edited and with an introduction by Sam Watters, American Gardens has more than 250 archival photographs and plans and an invaluable biography section profiling the schooling and projects of the landscape designers whose work is featured in the book. In a large landscape format, this book captures estate gardens as they existed for one generation, a time when people had the land, the time, and the skill to fulfill the grandest gardening fantasies.