Flower of the Month Bracelets

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The Flower of the Month collection will be a favorite of jewelry and flower enthusiasts alike! Each birth month has a flower associated with it that symbolizes some of the characteristics of that month. Our chic cast pewter adjustable cuff bracelets feature a different flower design for each month.

January features the Carnation - the symbol for fascination, distinction, and love

February features the Violet - the symbol for modesty, distinction, and virtue

March features the Jonquil - the symbol for spring, rebirth, and happiness

April features the Daisy - the symbol for innocence, gratitude, and healing

May features the Lily of the Valley - the symbol for happiness, humility, and sweetness

June features the Rose - the symbol for love, gratitude, and appreciation

July features the Larkspur - the symbol for joy and sweetness

August features the Poppy - the symbol for moral integrity

September features the Aster - the symbol for daintiness, love, and magic

October features the Cosmos - the symbol for protection, comfort, and healing

November features the Chrysanthemum - the symbol for cheerfulness, friendship, and abundance

December features the Narcissus - the symbol for sweetness and self-esteem