Water Lily Earrings

Water Lily Earrings

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Some of the most well-known paintings are by Claude Monet, who captures this flower in romantic lighting through beautiful, pastel colors and painterly brush strokes. Michael Vincent Michaud always loved the tangible passion in Monet’s paintings. His inspiration from these paintings was combined with his love for glasswork to create this collection. Stain glass design has always had an influence on his work. With the use of hand casting glass, he is able to create the shapes to the sizes needed for delicate pieces, creating his own interpretation of wearable stain glass art.

Michael’s work is notably unique in his process of cast glass, a technique not typically utilized in jewelry. Michael is able to capture bold colors and textures that make each jewelry design pop in glow with the glimmer of forever changing lights that hit the glass elements.

Materials: The Water Lily Collection is cast in bronze layered in 24K Gold with cast leaf green glass elements. 

Measurement: .5" flowers